An Appreciation Post For Twinkle Khanna & Her Relatable Social Media Game (Happy Birthday, Queen)


If there’s one thing that made 2020 bearable, it was all the funny, relatable stuff we saw online that made us realise that we are not the only ones struggling to deal with these cray cray times. As the year comes to an end, our fave saas queen, Twinkle Khanna, turns a year older – giving us the perfect opportunity to recap her Instagram game in 2020. We laughed, we related, and we laughed some more. 

She gave us a mantra to get through this year, way back in March: Gin and bear!

We know these children. We ARE these children!

Remember when we were still trying…

Hard related, Twinkle!

The one good thing about 2020: The emergence of the perfectly imperfect mothers’ club.

NGL, on certain days this was our Zoom call look too.

2020 summed up in a photo.

Welcome to the ‘we-laugh-way-too-hard-at-lame-jokes’ club.

Thanks for the laughs Twinkle. Here’s wishing you a great birthday (and a nicer 2021).

Photographs: Instagram

- Editor In Chief


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