An Homage To Classics, Louis Vuitton Objets Nomades Reinforces A Sense Of Adventure Once Again

Samaira Sandhu (12)
Atelier Oi’s Belt Lounge Chair

A veritable celebration of design and innovation, the Louis Vuitton Objets Nomades is a testament to the House’s enthusiasm for travel-inspired pieces. Beautifully crafted, each creation is a stunning prototype by some of the greatest designers. An homage to the House’s timeless classics. Notable names such as Patricia Urquiola, Oki Nendo, Atelier Biagetti and Marcel Wanders studio have lent their creative synergies to Objets Nomades.

Campana Brothers’ Aguacate

The Campana Brothers’ sheepskin-lined dream pod encourages leisure time. The ‘Cocoon’ is a delicately perforated pod of vacuum-moulded fiberglass–the same material used for surfboards. The duo has also found inspiration in the starry skies to create Aguacate. Spanish for ‘avocado’ the art-work is a constellation of brightly coloured suns radiating in rays of handwoven LV leather straps. Mirroring the colours of Cocoon, this piece is open to infinite physical interpretations, while available in an extremely limited edition of 30. “It’s exciting to imagine what new arrangements people will discover,”Humberto Campana says.

Damien Langlois‐Meurinne’s Totem Floral

Designer of high-end furniture and spaces, Damien Langlois-Meurinne’s Objet is the Totem Floral. Drawing from the distinct bucket shape of the LV classic Noé bag, the structure is meant to stand delicately, propagating the art of living. It resembles a tree with flower-covered branches, anchored with tripod roots. The full piece, dressed in Nomade leather. Sharing his experience of using the savoir-faire of LV’s ateliers, Langlois-Meurinne says, “For a designer, roaming around Louis Vuitton’s ateliers is an absolutely magical moment. After all, a designer is nothing without the savoir-faire of the artisans who bring the ideas and sketches to life.”

Another elegant offering in the comfort space is Atelier Oi’s Belt Lounge Chair. 14 strips of LV leather—available in different colours—are fashioned adjacently to create a smooth undulating surface. The visually striking Belt Bar Stool and Belt Side Stool accompany the atelier’s Belt Lounge Chair as part of Objets Nomades. A statement Atelier Oi piece, this chair is an invitation to enjoy a well-designed afternoon with your favourite book in hand, or maybe a glass of G&T?

Photographs courtesy: Louis Vuitton; Philippe Lacombe

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