Anamika Khanna’s Indomitable Run On International Waters Speaks Volumes About Her Genius

Anamika Khanna

Revered for executing the seamless marriage between western silhouettes and sensibilities close to home, Anamika Khanna’s creative trajectory has been one for the books. Having recently joined forces with acclaimed designer Emilia Wickstead for creating Sonam Kapoor’s outfit at the coronation of King Charles III, this monumental collaboration formulated, courtesy the many earlier international outings of the Indian designer.

From Deepika Padukone to Madelyn Cline, her ensembles have been donned by big names and at even bigger events. Here’s a recap of Anamika Khanna’s celebrated overseas outings.

The Crown

The New Zealand-born, UK-based designer Emilia Wickstead and Anamika Khanna’s merger produced this bespoke, cream-toned floor-length gown with ample structure to the make. Honed in precisely to the royal theme, the elegant ensemble has, in our opinion paved a way for many such collaborations to come.

Cannes Calling

Anamika Khanna

News to no one, Sonam and Anamika Khanna at Cannes have been a tight team. From hybrid sari drapings to reinterpreted dhoti converts, Khanna’s garments always carry a slice of India proudly. Pictured here is one such appearance where Sonam Kapoor wore an AK ensemble and styled it with a nath (a nose accessory), which was undoubtedly an iconic first.

When dissecting her design signature, the obvious permeation of our very desi aesthetic is refreshing, since there’s an atypical methodology to it. Neither does one see the otherwise obvious vibrant splotches, nor does she take the over-the-top embellishment route. There’s a sense of muted, understated luxe coupled with ample regard for contemporary tailoring. Subtlety is a virtue not many possess.

Time 100 Gala

Anamika Khanna

Back in 2018, Deepika Padukone and her Anamika Khanna sari at the Time 100 Gala made waves on the internet, and for obvious reasons. Featuring an elongated organza like pallu (train), the delicate floral applique work alongside the soft serving of the ruffle shoulder insert proved AK’s mettle once again.

Hollywood Hits

Tapping into Anamika Khanna’s relatively fresher design ethos, this boho luxe piece donned by Madelyn Cline for ELLE India showcases her game plan to pivot to prêt, like the existing big names in our industry already have. Thus, it’s safe to conclude, Anamika Khanna’s urge to chart international territories positions her as a frontrunner in the fashion industry.

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