Ananya Panday ignites dreams with Swarovski’s latest Diwali collection

The festival of lights will be back to its original glory in a matter of days. After two years of subdued celebrations, the floodgates for parties, gatherings, and soirees have opened up with palpable excitement. Most of us are in a shopping frenzy to make sure we’re ready to match the radiance of the bright festival lights with extravagance this year. Whether you are shopping for your family, friends, or yourself, the only question you have to ask is: How do you want your love and light to shine this Diwali?

Well, we can take some notes from the ever-shining Ananya Panday, who is letting her inner light shine with Swarovski’s glorious Diwali collection. After all, you can’t really go wrong with stunning jewellery, can you? 



Swarovski has been igniting sparkle in our lives for over a century now. Continuing its legacy, the brand is introducing its exclusive Diwali collection with Ananya Panday as the face of their campaign – #IgniteYourDreams. And as stunning as it looks, the campaign beautifully represents the spirit of the festival which is about radiating your inner light. It is an ode to the modern Indian generation that embraces all the facets of their personality unapologetically as they express their authentic selves with confidence. Ananya looks dazzling in both her festive ensembles, donning the Swarovski Gems. These statement pieces are designed to combine traditional yellow with contemporary white, just like the Diwali lights.

Speaking about her collaboration with the brand Ananya said, “Diwali is a time when everyone comes together to celebrate the joyous light that guides us through the hardships of life. Not only do we celebrate this light, but we also radiate this light from within. Diwali also being the onset of a new year, I truly believe in bringing about a transformative energy, to explore and accept the other sides of me. Along with Swarovski, I urge you to transform your expression and follow your own rules, while remaining true to yourself.”

The white statement jewelry hails from Swarovski’s Gema family, made with the widest variety of stone cuts in vibrant colors. And the gorgeous gold jewelry comes from their Harmonia family, it manifests class and elegance through gold tones, and the suspended oversized cushion-cut crystals give the illusion of floating. One creates a kaleidoscope of prismatic joy while the other glows and brings a sense of harmony and alluring mystery. These designs are an outstanding mix of modern and traditional styles that will beautifully complement all your Diwali outfits from saree, lehenga, and gown to even your fusion or indo-western wear.

Known for their elegant, glamorous, and timeless pieces, Swarovski’s new designs perfectly resonate with what today’s modern woman is all about. The bold crystal jewelry encapsulates an understated elegance and the glamour of festivity so flawlessly, making it contemporary yet timeless. Whether you’re shopping to treat your special ones or fancy bringing extra light into your own life, we personally think that it is a perfect accessory to make a style statement this Diwali. 

Explore Swarovski’s full collection and #IgniteYourDreams this Diwali on their website:


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