ANEKA Unveils The Sero Collection: A Tribute To Humanitarian Values And Timeless Elegance

The other day, I was on a video call with my mom, who was showing me some of the jewellery she inherited from my grandmother. Amidst our conversation, she mentioned, “This will be yours someday, and I expect you to pass it on to your daughter too.” I smiled and moved on, but now, as I write this article, I realise she wasn’t just talking about the jewellery. She was referring to the emotions, shared memories and stories embedded in that ornament, hoping to preserve them through generations.

That’s the true power of jewellery. It’s not just about luxury, but the stories and sentiments woven into each piece that connects people. This is the essence of Maison ANEKA, renowned for its excellence in crafting jewellery that carries a legacy of artistry and meaning. Recognising the delicate web of connections that bind us is a powerful realisation. The esteemed global fine jewellery Maison, ANEKA, introduces the Sero collection—a celebration of compassion and humanitarian values in our modern era.

Portuguese humanitarian-athlete Maria Conceição

Sero, inspired by the Sanskrit word ‘sarat’ meaning ‘thread’ and the Latin phrase ‘I tie,’ encapsulates the mindful existence of an individual attuned to the world around them. This collection draws inspiration from the intricacy of fine embroidery. Each delicate stitch, connecting various motifs, mirrors the invisible threads that weave individuals into a cohesive community.

Conceição has supported over 600 children and 101 single mothers from the slums of Bangladesh

Central to this collection is the story of Maria Conceição, a Portuguese humanitarian who has profoundly impacted over 600 children and 101 single mothers from the slums of Bangladesh. During a brief layover in Dhaka, Conceição made a life-altering promise. She transformed into an athlete to highlight her cause, breaking records and running marathons. Her efforts enabled hundreds of children to pursue education globally and secure employment. “True compassion drives action,” she asserts.

Maria Conceição for Sero by ANEKA

This ethos of compassion is beautifully reflected in Sero. Crafted in 18K recycled rose gold, the collection features delicately linked, flexible rose-cut, and pavé-set brilliant-cut diamonds, meticulously arranged around soft-toned, carefully-matched Japanese Akoya pearls. “When something has a story, it has more value and is more memorable,” says Conceição.

Sero Kindred Statement Bracelet

A novel linking technique, developed exclusively for this collection, ensures the links appear invisible, creating a unique flexible effect with the rose-cut diamonds. Mastering this specialised technique required extensive training for a dedicated group of craftsmen, culminating in 1100 hours of meticulous craftsmanship for the initial lead piece. The resulting jewels are defined by subtle tone-on-tone hues, timeless silhouettes, and rich textures, embodying elegance and intricacy.

Sero Weave Earrings

Sitanshi Talati-Parikh, Brand Director of ANEKA, remarks, “Compassion for others and the planet is one of the most powerful needs of an increasingly complex modern world. It pushes us to be empathetic, fostering meaningful interactions. The idea that each individual is part of a greater whole is celebrated with Sero, a collection with invisibly linked rose-cut diamonds that seem to float, reminiscent of fine thread work. We hope that conceptually and visually, it reminds each person to connect with the world with kindness and compassion.”

Sero Signature Drop Earrings

The Sero collection is a poignant tribute to the humanitarian spirit, featuring an array of exquisite rings, earrings, wristwear and necklaces crafted from 18K recycled rose gold, the finest diamonds and curated Akoya pearls. This collection can be explored at the ANEKA flagship in Kala Ghoda, Mumbai, at Les Printemps Haussmann in Paris, and through special inquiries in the USA.

Watch the full creative narrative of the brand featuring Maria Conceição below:

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