9 Anime Looks That You’d Want To Bookmark RN!

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Other than the eye-catching animation and exhilarating action that we usually find in anime, a lot of people take makeup inspiration from their favourite characters to recreate flashy looks! To round it up for you, here are some of our favourite anime-inspired beauty looks that you may want to pin to your beauty mood-board if you like exaggerated eye looks.

1. Chrollo Lucifer 


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Create the look of the most famous villain of the anime world – Chrollo Lucifer from HunterxHunter. The reversed cross symbol and red blood-dripping scar, paired with a bold winged eyeliner and thick lashes are a fail-proof combo if you’re planning to go for a cosplay event this summer! 

2. Sukuna

With the new release of the Jujutsu Kaisen movie, the one trend that we have been spotting everywhere on social media is the Sukuna graphic eyeliner trend. Switch up your usual makeup routine with this easy to do, grunge eyeliner, complemented with a light nude lipstick! Anime or not, any version of graphic eyeliner is pleasantly welcomed.

3. Asta 


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We’re obsessed with Cheska’s stunning graphic eyeliner makeup look inspired by Asta from Black Clover. Something you can draw inspiration from if you are looking to do an exaggerated eye look.

4. Spirited Away 

If you love watching Studio Ghibli movies, this one’s for you! With a well-executed floating eyeliner on the lids and a wave of colourful stars on the cheeks, Catherine topped off the look with a soot ball on the side, which was definitely the cutest thing we had ever seen! We are totally rooting for this one if in case you’re attending a summer feast that demands a playful look.

5. Spider Demon 


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Influenced by Tanjiro’s breathing technique and the spider demon from the anime Demon Slayer, Itzel paired this look with frosty eyebrows that we were instantly drawn towards! A perfect way to show off your intricate makeup skills and love for anime! 

6. Hisoka 

Being one of the most iconic looks spotted at Comic Con’s almost every year around the world, Snitchery’s look inspired by Hisoka from HunterxHunter is the easiest cosplay beauty look to cop. With a sharp graphic eyeliner and nude lipstick, this look is definitely on our must-try list if you’re an anime fan.

7. Killua Zoldyck

Killua Zolydck is the favourite anime character of many. If you are one of them, you need to recreate this look by Catherine Pham. Influenced by Killua’s lightning abilities from HunterxHunter, you need to bookmark this one!

8. Blue Period 

Joyce’s blue period eye look is definitely the most stunning one so far. Recreate this one if you love a pop of colour on the eyes.

9. Sailor Moon

Another fandom favourite! Inspired by the iconic Sailor Moon Anime, this one is for those who love wearing pretty pastels shades for makeup. The use of glitter and pinpoints of gold and silver is what sets it apart from other looks, isn’t it?

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