Anushka Sharma’s deceptively simple accessories prove she understands real luxury

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One of our favourite traits about Anushka Sharma is her simple, understated approach to fashion. The star has a penchant for simple silhouettes and fuss-free clothing, which allow her natural beauty and sharp wit to take centre stage, instead of coming off as a debutante at a costume ball. And if you were paying attention to her appearance at Virat Kohli’s IPL match in Bengaluru, then you’d know that her style is actually deceptively simple. Dressed in a nondescript black tank top and high-waist jeans, you would be forgiven for missing the stack of luxurious accessories Anushka was sporting. And we’re not even talking about those diamond solitaires.

Anushka is a proud owner of the Cartier Just Un Clou bangle, an iconic piece of jewellery that retails for $ 6,800 (approx 4.45 lakh). She’s layered that over an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak gold watch, an accessory that retails at approximately $60,706 (Rs 39.7 lakh).

The watch is a favourite among the female stars of Bollywood, with Kareena Kapoor Khan often switching up her Bulgari Serpenti Tubogas watch with her yellow gold Royal Oak.


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