Aphrodisiacs In Skincare – A Sexy Roster For Your Beauty Routine

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Aphrodisiacs are substances that boost your sexual drive, resulting in a change of sexual behaviour. You have your usuals like chocolates and wine, but putting your trust in an expensive bottle of red shouldn’t be the only idea to try. Especially when there are excellent spices, flowers, and fruits that can have a similar effect, just more long-term and holistic. Since we are in a month that celebrates love, why not include these aphrodisiacs in our skincare routine as well? We list some of the sexiest aphrodisiacs found in skincare and how they can benefit the health of the skin.

Aphrodisiacs Red Ginseng
1. Red Ginseng
When it comes to sexual wellness, red ginseng is highly regarded for its libido-enhancing properties. A popular herb that’s found in Chinese medicine, red ginseng offers anti-ageing benefits for the skin. Rich in antioxidants, this Korean-skincare staple helps protect the skin from free-radical damage and adverse effects of sun exposure and pollution.
Aphrodisiacs Ylang Ylang
2. Ylang Ylang
Flowery, sweet, and sensual, Ylang Ylang oil is a potent aphrodisiac that relies on its heady aroma to do the talking! The oil is known to
heighten a sexual experience by enhancing the sense of touch. Combined with the moisturising benefits, the application of the oil, using a carrier oil, functions as a natural antiseptic for the skin. It can also help regulate your skin’s sebum production - “oil recognises oil” - and keep it nourished without feeling oily.
Aphrodisiacs Juice Beauty
3. Apples
Forget peaches; the mighty apple deserves a sexy emoji attributed to it! Rich in polyphenols, apples are known to help
flush your nether regions with blood, helping with an enthralling arousal experience. They also happen to be rich in malic acid, a skincare fiend that helps even out the skin tone by speeding up its natural exfoliation and fading rigid spots.
Aphrodisiacs Pomegranate
4. Pomegranate
Do you know pomegranate is associated with the Greek Goddess of Love, Aphrodite, as a symbol of female fertility and sexual expression. I
ts rich, blood-red tint is considered a symbol of vitality; and the nutritious seeds positively impact testosterone, cortisol, and anxiety levels in the body. Topical use of pomegranate extract delivers antimicrobial benefits to the skin. It also offers natural UV protection and gentle exfoliation with regular use.
Aphrodisiacs Turmeric
5. Turmeric
Like red ginseng, turmeric has also been known to be a natural aphrodisiac used for sexual dysfunction for ages apart from being a key ingredient in Ayurvedic practices. Curcumin, the key compound resent in the yellow spice, boosts testosterone levels in women leading to improvement in low sex drives. When applied topically, the ingredient has proven to be exceptionally effective in skin brightening, wound-healing, and psoriasis management.
But by far the most significant skin benefit of turmeric is its natural glow-boosting properties; you can thank the curcumin for that too!
Aphrodisiacs Honey
6. Honey
Out of all the ingredients on this list, honey probably has the highest claim to fame for being a natural aphrodisiac. It is rich in boron, a compound known to regulate hormone levels, especially in the post-menopausal phase. As for its use in skincare, honey works as a potent humectant to keep your skin hydrated without turning greasy.
The golden liquid also boasts antimicrobial abilities helping with healing acne scars and marks effectively.
Aphrodisiacs Saffron
7. Saffron
Yet another ingredient with a historic beauty reference, saffron was one of Cleopatra’s favourite beauty picks. She’s said to take saffron-infused milk baths to reap its aphrodisiacal benefits. A popular Ayurvedic ingredient, also known as
kumkumadi, has long been a trusty pal for people suffering from acne for its potent anti-inflammatory properties. Saffron is also a brightening agent which can be used safely by deeper skin tones to fight stubborn hyperpigmentation spots and marks.

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