7 Aquatic Perfumes That Will Transport You To The Serene Sea Instantly

Aquatic fragrances

When it comes to fragrances, I have an extremely picky nose. Floral and oriental scents aren’t for me at all, I find those fragrance families particularly overwhelming. Apart from woody scents, the beach and ocean lover in me has a deep-rooted attraction to aquatic perfumes. When I spray a scent on, sometimes I’d like to feel spicy and powerful but sometimes I just want to be transported to my favourite beach reminding me of azure blue waves splashing and salty sands.

Yes, these scents are usually made for men, but we believe in a non-gendered approach when it comes to scents. Everyone should be able to smell the way they want to. When it comes to the aquatic family, it displays a variety of accords, ranging from woody to aromatic and sometimes even floral. All of these accords create multiple combinations which cater to every nose.

Here’s our edit of aquatic fragrances that are perfect for summer.

Davidoff Cool Water

An iconic scent that needs no introduction, Cool Water by Davidoff will always be at the top of every list of the best aquatic scents. This one features a unique blend of notes that simply cannot be replicated at all. Unfolding with notes of fresh mint and soothing lavender, this scent first exhibits extreme freshness and then goes on to transform into sensuality with notes of amber.

Available on tira.com

Diptyque Do Son Eau de Parfum

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An aquatic floral scent which surprisingly doesn’t overwhelm you with its floral notes, Diptyque’s Do Son Eau de Parfum is inspired by the pristine coasts of Vietnam. Top notes of tuberose, orange blossom and jasmine bring along a soothing energy while base notes of amber and marine accords add a hint of the salty ocean.

Available on diptyqueparis.com

Jimmy Choo Man Aqua

An underrated aquatic scent, Jimmy Choo’s Man Aqua is as aquatic as it gets. A woody marine scent that I love and adore, this will transport you to a white sand beach with aquatic waters. Invigorating notes of cardamom greet your olfactory senses first, followed by fresh grapefruit. These notes meet seawater and sage to create an unforgettable vacation to the sea.

Available on parcos.com

Bvlgari Aqua Pour Homme

Aquatic perfumes

Ever since I sniffed Bvlgari’s Aqua Pour Homme on my partner, I haven’t been able to stop using it. Every note in this scent practically screams aquatic. It evokes the power of the sea with notes of oceanic seaweed and grapefruit mixed with a dash of mandarin orange and rosemary. The presence of cedar and amber adds the perfect amount of intensity to this marine scent.

Available on nykaaman.com

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Aqua Celestia Cologne Forte Eau de Parfum

Yes, everybody is obsessed with Baccarat Rouge 540 but for me, Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s Aqua Celestia Cologne Forte is a better choice. Ever wanted to escape to a tropical vacation in Hawaii? This scent will instantly take you there. It opens up with energizing notes of bergamot and blackcurrant which are enchanting and bold at the same time. However, it features fruity undertones with mimosa.

Available on franciskurkdjian.com

Maison Margiela Replica Sailing Day

Known for curating scents for every nose, Maison Margiela’s Replica Sailing Day is made for those who like dominating marine accords in their scents. As the name suggests, this scent takes you on a sailing trip filled with adrenaline and excitement. A distinct mix of notes which begins with sea notes and aldehydes, Sailing Day also mixes notes of seaweed with cedar.

Available on maisonmargiela-fragrances and at Jio World Drive

Jo Malone London Wood Sage and Sea Salt

If you enjoy aquatic scents that pander towards the sweeter side, Jo Malone’s Wood Sage and Sea Salt is a British beach enclosed in a bottle. Think of sea air mixed with salt, the notes of ambrette and sea salt along with woody sage make this scent the ideal marine scent. Even though the combination of sea salt and wood is a complex one, it still manages to take you on a relaxing trip to the beach.

Available on jomalone.in

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