This Distinctively Aromatic Oud Range From Embark Perfumes Is All Set To Woo Your Olfactory Senses


Since time immemorial, the scent of Oud has held its firm grip on reigning perfumeries. This resinous fragrant material is produced by the Agarwood tree and is responsible for leaving around a euphoric sillage. Oud has earned its exceptional status due to the complications involved in processing the Oud oil. These fragrances are often bedecked on shelves of perfume connoisseurs.

Embark Perfumes is a home-grown, contemporary fragrance brand with perfumes that last all day. The brand has launched a new line of gender-neutral fragrances called the Oud Range. Sejal Kapashi, Chief Marketing Officer, Divine Cosmetics LLP, makers of Embark Perfumes,  “I am thrilled to unveil our latest olfactory masterpiece – Embark’s Oud Range. Oud is one of the rarest and most expensive fragrance ingredients in the world. In every drop, we’ve captured that essence of rarity and opulence found in the Aquilaria trees, crafting a gender-neutral collection. Oud, also known as Black Gold, is now yours to experience in three distinct variants – Wood Oud, Floral Oud, and Marine Oud.”

The gender-neutral range comes in 3 different variants-


The fragrance is a blend of earthy and smoky oud notes with various woody elements, crafting a robust and enhancing scent reminiscent of a deep forest.


This is a fragrance that marries the elegance of blossoms like rose and carnation with the deep, woody allure of oud, creating a harmonious, sophisticated, and captivating scent.


This is a fragrance that combines the freshness of the sea with the richness of oud, resulting in an intriguing and luxirious scent, both refreshing and exotic.


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