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10 best restaurants in New York

From the ultimate insider

By Daniel Burns  January 9th, 2018

New York City is the kind of shape-shifting megapolis that is constantly throwing up new food trends and to-die-for culinary havens. But when looking for the 10 best restaurants in New York City, you need to trust the word of an insider who’s eaten and drunk his way through every borough and bylane. Chef Daniel Burns, who’s earned his chops at Noma, one of the 50 Best Restaurants in the world, agrees to let us in on some of the Big Apple’s best-kept F&B secrets.          

10 best restaurants in New York City 

Los Tacos no.1

"Amazing Mexican spot located in the Chelsea market with a stand-up bar counter. Try all the tacos!" (www.lostacos1.com)

Achilles Heel (BK)

"Hidden in northern Greenpoint in Brooklyn, this is a wonderful neighbourhood spot with ever-changing food offerings (try the grilled chicken on Sundays) and a solid bar program." (achillesheelnyc.com)

Atta Boy

"This hidden gem cocktail bar is in the Lower East Side. A cozy, intimate space, it's on the world's top 50 best bars list." (attaboy.us/nyc/)

Metta (BK)

"This new restaurant in Fort Greene, Brooklyn utilizes open fire to cook and flavour the dishes. It's acutely focused on being seasonal and local, cooking with the seasons — chef negro has an extensive fermentation program that pairs well with the style of food and flavours. It's a beautiful space — nice for kitchen and bar counter dining." (mettabk.com)

Okonomi (BK)

"This is a wonderful tiny spot for ramen at night, and Japanese breakfast during the daytime." (www.okonomibk.com)

Uncle Boons

"Delicious thai food served in a quirky space — always busy and lively." (www.uncleboons.com)

Nomad Bar

"Wonderful cocktails in a beautiful space — located in the Nomad Hotel. They have well-curated house cocktails and an outstanding bar menu." (www.thenomadhotel.com)

Superiority Burger

"Simple, well-executed vegan and vegetarian food — always on point in terms of flavour and execution. Wonderful value for money, and great to grab on the go." (www.superiorityburger.com)


"Contemporary Mexican cuisine using products from the New York area as well as from Mexico. They have wonderful cocktails and the best Mexican selection in NYC." (cosmenyc.com)

St. Anselm (BK)

"This popular, local Brooklyn restaurant (located in Williamsburg) serves excellent grilled meat and fish dishes — open and friendly atmosphere." (www.stanselm.net)

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