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10 funny peeps you just have to follow on Snapchat!

Caution advised for pathological procrastinators

By ELLE team  July 6th, 2016

Biswa Kalyan Rath

Username: biswamastaadmi

Pretentious Movie Reviews comedian and YouTube star Biswa Kalyan Rath will take you literally everywhere with him – we especially love his too-real depictions of the less than glamorous aspects of travel: using public transport, confusion about local landmarks, all while mocking the necessity to make it seem as though he’s having the best vacation ever.

Mallika Dua

Username: mallikadua

After becoming an overnight YouTube sensation (read our interview with her here), Dua dominates another form of social media. (Read our interview with her here). Watch her on point lip-syncing and deft use of our favorite Snapchat filters (with frequent cameos of her parents). We love her accurate imitations in the continuation of her “Shit people say…” series which brought her to fame.

Sahil Shah

Username: sahilbulla

Shah really puts the ‘pun in punishment’, but that’s okay because he does cute things like doodling wizard makeovers on his face and putting flower crowns on Ron Weasley. His snap stories are replete with Game of Thrones and Harry Potter references and the occasional daily-life pranking. He once scared his Labrador with toothpaste.

José Covaco

Username: hoezaay

MTV VJ, comedian, author, new dad, social media star- Covaco’s comedy mines his crazy daily life on Snapchat. We love his direct and amusing approach towards everything, from his experience as a new parent, to his dating guides and his hilarious anecdotes.

If Supergirl came to Earth as an infant…

A video posted by @hoezaay on Apr 23, 2016 at 9:23am PDT

Cyril D’Abs

Username: cyrildabs 

Cyril is buddies with Jose and has this totally amazing self-deprecatory humor that gets us in splits. Plus he really knows how to work those emojis and filters. And he has this uncanny resemblance to Ned Stark: we’re not even sure if that’s the filter or..

When you stop going for Yoga classes Snapchat id: cyrildabs … Please follow men

A video posted by Cyril D’Abs (@cyrildabs) on May 6, 2016 at 7:55pm PDT

Rohan Joshi

Username: rohanjoshi22

MojoRojo’s ‘MewTube’ is the best but he’s more than just his (super funny) cat videos. His subjects include super-fast squirrels and zen champagne bubbles, too. We really wish he’d go on vacation more often if that means more of this:

Happy Fathers’ Day! (rohanjoshi22)

A video posted by Rohan Joshi (@mojorojo) on Jun 19, 2016 at 8:58am PDT

Utsav Chakraborty

Username: Shockraborty

Actor and comedian Utsav Chakraborty’s one of the best comedians out there, whip-smart and with a hilariously idiotic slant. He was widely recognised for his video response to that Tanmay Bhat controversy. You know that Lata Mangeshkar one?

Kenny Sebastian

Username: knowkenny

What is this, Seb? Social commentary? When he’s staring at us with those filtered, bug-eyed telescopes on dance-floor demographics, we can’t stop. Plus it doesn’t help that he’s on Instagram too.

Naveen Richard

Username: naveen.richard 

Naveen is funny (he features on Comedy Central’s Snapchat too) and his expressions are bomb. Him and Biswa together feature in Brahman Naman (A film by the indie film circuit’s naughty boy, Qaushiq Mukherjee) and we adore him fully. Unfortunately, he doesn’t put his stuff up on Insta so you’ll have to add him NOW.


Kanan Gill

Username: kanangill

Gill is a well-known comedy dude, with an endearing tendency to attribute personalities to inanimate objects (like that time with the chai on the flight). Just look at him. Also his snap stories at a cosplay event are seriously going to up the sex ratio at the next one.