10 lessons we've learned from Katrina Kaif Advertisement

10 lessons we’ve learned from Katrina Kaif

Commandments to follow for a better life

Katrina Kaif is about to discover the joys of Facebook. (JK there are none. Unless you think of #FOMO and the onset of ADD as a blessing.) While we’re hoping this much-hyped Facebook debut gives us a closer look at her fabulous life, we’d do well to take a leaf from the ever so stylish Kaif

It’s okay to fall hard for things / people / Pokémon GO. Sometimes.  


Stop with the knock-knock jokes. 

really funny

Hold your friends close. Awkwardly close. 



Keep your burn book in a safe, dark place. No, your anonymous blog doesn’t count. 


Life will invariably present you with many eye-roll-worthy moments. Grin and bear it.

eye roll

Optimum enthusiasm level: Katrina Kaif

giphy enthusiasm1

Master the art behind a neat hair flip. You never know when you’ll need it. 

hair flip 1

 Life’s short, don’t hide your disappointment. 

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Fight the urge to say, “LOLWUT”. It bruises egos.


Feel free to use Facebook Reactions to display the accurate range of your emotions. 

facebook reactions