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10 life lessons we learned from The Devil Wears Prada

The film turns 10 years old – would you believe it!

By Hasina Khatib  June 30th, 2016

Ten years ago this gem called The Devil Wears Prada made its way into theatres. A decade down the line, we’ve yet to find a match. So sit up, stiffen that collar and read on for the important lessons we gleaned from the film: 

#1 Chant to make it through Mondays.

devil wears prada 1

 #2 Those burning questions about the meaning of life, the universe and everything are best saved for Google, not your boss. 

devil wears prada 2

#3 Let your hands to the talking. 

 devil wears prada 3

#4 Piles of papers can’t protect you from the sharpest barbs. Thick skin on the other hand… 

 devil wears prada 4

#5 Simon Baker gave us incontrovertible proof that God exists and he loves us, very much.

devil wears prada 12

#6 There is only one good way to exit the elevator, and Priestly has called it.

devil wears prada 6

 #7 Live by this golden rule.  

devil wears prada 7

#8 Always keep it subtle. SUBTLE.

devil wears prada 8

#9 It’s impossible to apply mascara and keep your mouth shut. Seriously, try it. 

devil wears prada 11

#10 And lastly, value yourself. If you don’t, who will?

devil wears prada 5