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Here Are The 10 Things You Need To Do This Month

Hit the reset button as we move into the new year, with our hearts full of hope

By Nishtha Bhalla  January 13th, 2021

With the end of a tumultuous year and a clean slate upon us, the one thing we’re full of is hope. And if you’re wondering how to kick off the new year just right, we’ve got you covered. Here are the 10 things you need to do this month.


10 things play

As fashion houses innovate ways to present their collections in the wake of the new normal, Balenciaga had the most ingenious idea of them all – to present its Fall 2021 collection in a video game. Play Aftermath: The Age Of Tomorrow, set in 2031, and set off on an allegorically dystopian journey. Futuristic clothing is, of course, a given!


You’ve seen the influencers flaunt them and the A-listers sport them – and it’s time you join the trend too. Take your holiday dressing to the next level with a chain-link necklace. Pair it with cosy neutral sweaters and a trusty pair of denim to ace the classic winter look.


10 things listen

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and there’s no better way to ring it in than with evergreen Christmas songs. Tune into everyone’s annual favourite, Mariah Carey’s, Merry Christmas, and let the festive spirit engulf you.


Do you miss gazing at art in galleries? So did we. Until we discovered we could bid on artwork online at AstaGuru, and bring home a contemporary piece of art or two. The digital live-auction house showcases paintings from the South-Asian community, including vintage cars and heirloom jewellery.


A nip in the air calls for a feel good, warm-your-heart movie. Our pick: Happiest Season, starring Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis, is a realistically optimistic LGBTQIA+ romcom. It’ll have you reaching out for a box of tissues while simultaneously feeling all the love.


10 things follow

We went for the skincare but were distracted by the seductive Instagram feed of UMM Skincare. A Sunday scroll through their feed @ummskincare will sooth your senses, and remind you to take care of yourself too.


10 things eat

Take the humble pancake to new (literal) heights by whipping up some fluffy soufflé pancakes. All you need to do is swap regular eggs with beaten egg whites to make a meringue, add it to your go-to pancake recipe, and cook it over low heat in a covered pan. And voila!


10 things drink

There’s no arguing that hot cocoa is the quintessential winter staple. Spruce up the warm beverage to make it into a cuppa of spiced orange hot chocolate: whip up your favourite hot chocolate recipe, add in some orange zest and a dash of cinnamon. Brownie points if you top it off with a dollop of whipped cream.


Bad hair days call for quick fixes, and when hats just don’t do the trick, experiment with headscarves. Pro tip: Tie a loose bow on a medium- sized silk scarf over your hair for a touch of retro glam to your festive look.


This month’s dose of inspiration is the first volume of Barack Obama‘s memoir, A Promised Land. Take notes, and be privy to his personal life, as the former US president narrates a compelling tale of a young man searching for his identity, and how he became a beacon of hope.