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10 hilarious things only women can relate to


By Manali Shah  March 8th, 2019

1) Being perplexed by an onslaught of feels, only to realise you’re days away from your period.

2) Not finding the right bra to go with the right dress, especially on date night. 

3) Knowing you’re about to get some fresh goss when your BFF sends a text saying ‘GUESS WHAT?!’ (yes, in caps).

4) Feeling the burn of #legday from all the squatting in public loos.

5) Your salon lady is often more updated about your life than your SO.

6) Mascara clumps.

7) Pretending you’re with a total stranger at a bar so the creepy guy can leave you alone.

8) Rolling your eyes hard at people who say you’re smart/funny/sporty… for a girl. 

9) Putting together a 10-slide PPT to convince your parents to let you go on an all-girls Goa trip.  

10) Commenting ‘YAASS KWEEN’, ‘MARRY ME’, ‘SLAYYY’ or a variation thereof every time your BFF posts a selfie on Instagram.