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10 things that could go wrong at your wedding

If you pay attention, movies and TV shows give fair warnings

By Hasina Khatib  July 19th, 2016

For those of you still out there thinking that your wedding day will be the most beautiful and blissful day of your life, welcome to the real world. If you thought that the hellish wedding preparation was the worst bit, you are still at the tip of the iceberg. Just so that you are prepared, we lined up all the worst case scenarios:

Keep an eye on the groom for good measure – just so you’re not dealing with a crappy re-run of The Hangover.


Your friends could decide that your sangeet is an opportune time to air out their issues.


An old flame might flicker into the present day – and it just happens to be the night of your wedding.


Waterworks. Uncontrollable waterworks.



Your sister could steal your thunder.



Brace yourself for freeloaders / wedding crashers.


Just remember to pay all your bills. 



A wretched Freudian slip could ruin everything.


But that’s only marginally better than having no memory of your wedding.



The groom could take some questionable styling calls.