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10 times Shah Rukh made us sigh

How Shah Rukh Khan has ruined us for every other man, explained in gifs

By Deepa Menon  November 2nd, 2015

Loving Shah Rukh Khan was nearly inescapable if you grew up in the ’90s. It was like getting chickenpox: you can take all the precautions you like, but if everyone in class is dropping like flies, then it’s only a matter of time before it gets you. One moment he’s this annoying guy hamming it up in some movie and the next, he looks right through the screen and into your quivering adolescent heart. Poof, there goes your resistance. Because this guy? He can not only withstand the force of all your love, but match it too. His brand of romance doesn’t care about ego or even dignity. It’s grand, bold, stupid and irresistible.

If you once loved Shah Rukh Khan, chances are your immunity is still a bit weak around him. So have your doctor on stand-by, as we explain in 10 GIFs (or so) why this Khan is the man who ruined us for all others.

But first, here’s SRK falling in on-screen love for the first time on Fauji. Fortunately, he’s refined his technique a bit since then.


1. Let’s start with the dimples. Raise your bat if his dimples make you want to go lie down.

image 1

2. Then, there’s the ridiculously floppy hair. SRK makes Hugh Grant look like Donald Trump.

image 2

3. Seriously, we’re torn between lust and wanting to know which conditioner.

image 3

4. Shah Rukh Khan radiates empathy. Perhaps it’s because he understands the awkwardness of having someone else tie your sari.

image 4

5. He could also be a badass. “Iss team ka gunda main hoon.” 

image 5

6. Of course, part of the reason for our enduring love of SRK is the stuff we’ve had to endure.

image 6

7. Although he did have a point about Ferrero Rochers.

image 8

8. Sure, he can a bit cocky.

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9. Plus, we’ll have to forget we ever saw this.

image 10

10. Guess like with all old boyfriends, we’ll just have to love him for the guy he used to be.

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