10 times Sonam Kapoor was too damn adorable on Snapchat Advertisement

10 times Sonam Kapoor was too damn adorable on Snapchat

Haaave you followed her on Snapchat yet?

By Hasina Khatib  June 24th, 2016

Promised as an inside glimpse into her life as she ‘stumbles through the day,’ Sonam Kapoor’s Snapchat delivers on just that. There’s of course the usual drill of plush locales, mouthwatering wardrobe showcases and lavish makeup spreads, but we can now also credit her public Snapchat account for introducing us to Sonam, The Absolutely Aww-dorable Goofball.

We were first acquainted with her inner goofball when she started experimenting with Snapchat filters…

Sonam Snapchat 11

And just couldn’t stop:

Sonam Snapchat 12.jpg

Not when her glam squad was brought to its knees, not for the love of God:

 Sonam Snapchat 1

The girl just wouldn’t, or more specifically couldn’t, stop:

 Sonam Snapchat 13.jpg

When she indulged her inner fangirl upon chancing on a Salman Khan poster, as all breathing females under the age of 80 are wont to do:

Sonam Snapchat 14

When she gave credit where credit was due and gave her daddy, Anil a grand ol’ shoutout:

Sonam Snapchat 15

When she did the only thing one does when they come across cool literature – They share it with the world:

 Sonam Snapchat 16

When she documented her good hair day for posterity… Or for the space of 24 hours, at least:

Sonam Snapchat 18

When she was basically all of us at the hair stylist:

Must. Not. Giggle. Ah Sonam, the struggle is real.

Sonam Snapchat 17 

And some more filters, because she just can’t seem to run out of those:

Sonam Snapchat 20

If you haven’t already, follow ‘sonamakapoor’ on Snapchat although you might want to flex those fingers before embarking on the screenshot marathon!

 Sonam Red Carpet