14 LGBTQ couples on the unique relationship BS they have to deal with

1. ‘Having to mentally assess whether strangers are worth ‘outing’ yourself to(like when they ask about your love life). It’s often not worth it.’ [via]

2. ‘When holidaying (or really travelling anywhere unfamiliar to you), we have to be careful. When going to Central America later this year, we’ve already decided we’ll have to be discreet about our relationship. We specifically researched and the area is much better than others, but not perfect. So we made the decision to (on our honeymoon!) not be affectionate in public. As mad eye moody says, ‘CONSTANT VIGILANCE”‘. [via]

3. ‘When people say, ‘I can make you straight‘.’ [via]




4. ‘First time I dated another girl, we happened to be friends but then started dating. But because I was bi it was just a ‘fling’. We dated for over a year and the only reason it ended was because our career paths took us in different directions. I had friends, family, random dudes at a bar all think it was some kind of phase.’ [via]

5. ‘Many men don’t take lesbian relationships seriously. They make assumptions that the relationship isn’t as serious or committed as a heterosexual relationship.’ [via]

6. ‘When you have two cats, and she has three cats, then you move in together and boomyou’re now ‘crazy cat ladies’.’ [via]

7. ‘Being asked if your spouse is your sibling because people can’t fathom two women together romantically unless it’s in porn. My wife and I look nothing alike except we’re both tall with the same hair colour, and yet last Valentine’s Day we were asked if we were twins. We don’t even dress alike.’ [via]

9. ‘Running into a mutual ex you didn’t know you had.’ [via]

10. ‘Being ‘behind’ your straight peers in regards to relationship experience after years of not really accepting [your]self. It can feel like everyone else around you is settling down, and you’re just figuring out what you want in a LTR.’[via]

11. ‘Back to back periods ruining chances of sex for two weeks instead of just one.’[via]

12. ‘When my friends get together without their husbands should my wife come or no? It’s not a fun situation. Sometimes I want her to come as she has also become friends with my friends, but sometimes I wish I could be around my friends without her. It’s a slippery slope to never going anywhere without her.’ [via]

13. ‘There’s an inherent danger in being yourselves around people you don’t know.’ [via]

14. ‘PDA is always nerve wracking and my partner and I choose not to do it 99% of the time. However, she travels a lot and it’s really a bitch having to deal with people staring and shouting comments whenever I kiss her goodbye at the airport. We tried once kissing in the car then unloading the luggage and sending her off, but that felt so wrong and fake. I’m not really worried for my safety, but I really can’t wait for the day I can give my girlfriend a hug and a peck in peace.’ [via]



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