15 tweets about winged eyeliner that are absolutely on point

Do you have a mini break down every time you try to attempt a perfectly symmetrical cat-eye on both your eyes? Or ‘can do a perfect winged eyeliner’ is on top of your skills in your resume?  Then you will absolutely relate to the tweets we’ve rounded up!

The one mantra that keeps you going.

Not all of us can be perfect, you know!

The insult to use when you’re feeling particularly savage.

Acceptance is the first step to happiness.

The struggle is very, very real.


The pep talk you never knew you needed.

You’ve never related more to anything other than this.

This ominous warning that reeks of being said out of experience.

This PSA that is incredibly necessary.

There are times when we can get a wee bit carried away.

You know what your priorities are.

This thought has popped up in your head more often than you’d like to admit.

This existential crisis.

The one that makes you shout ‘AMEN!’

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