16 unwritten rules every BFF knows Advertisement

16 unwritten rules every BFF knows

How many can you tick off?

By ELLE team  December 12th, 2017

Best friends are the only people who will laugh at your lame jokes even before they’re out of your mouth. You can call them for #ootd advice because they know your wardrobe better than you do. Trust them when they tell you NOT to text your ex and rest assured they’ve got your back if he texts you. They’re your support system and the only people who know how bad your double chin looks in the front-facing camera.

So if you and your bestie tick of every single one on this list you guys are doing it right!

#1 If you borrow your bestie’s clothes and forget to give them back, after a stipulated period of time, they become your clothes. #fact

#2 Her relationship with her ex is your relationship with her ex.

#3 If they are both dear friends, you don’t pick sides or instigate. Do nothing but support.

#4 You’re obligated to give honest opinions on your bestie’s appearance. 

#5 What’s your food is my food. It’s our food.

#6 If your best friend is looking cute/having a cute moment/ doing something you know she would want to be visually documented, you take that camera out and you document.


#7 Remember, she’ll need options.

#8 You never judge her bad decisions. You only offer solutions, but are never part of the problem.

#9 You’re not just a plus one, you’re back-up. If she needs social support, that’s you.

#10 You have an arsenal of images of her looking questionable, but you know better than to upload something that hasn’t been pre-approved. Nothing less than pictures where you both look #flawless.

#11 One of you gets to be the out-of-control drunk,  the other needs to be the tipsy one in charge of getting you home safe and guarding you from predators.


#12 If you see a meme which basically is the essence of your friendship, you have to tag, send, screenshot it to your bestie. She might wanna laugh too, ya know? 

#13 If any boy wants to date your girl, he has to get your approval first. You’re the screening process, the keeper of the gates… he’s going to be third-wheeling after all. 

#14 If one of you is on a diet, the other is obligated to finish all the junk food in the vicinity. It’s just courtesy. 

#15 That means you have to suffer through salad lunch dates and tag along for yoga class too. But you also get to be there for the cheat days.

#16 And when you get wind of a sale, you know who to call first before all the good stuff is gone. 

You’ll also have to approve all the cute tops, but you don’t mind because sharing is inevitable.