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18 best reactions to the Apple iPhone 7

As always, the internet was full of hope and wisdom

By Salva Mubarak  September 8th, 2016

Apple finally unveiled the latest iPhones to a crowd that wouldn’t stop live tweeting the hell out of the #AppleEvent. The new iPhone 7 will have a dual lens camera with optical zoom and depth of field effects that promise DSLR-esque pictures. Everyone went apeshit over the new Airpods – wireless, bluetooth-enabled headphones, which we are bound to lose the day we buy them. (Also, RIP aux cable. You will be sorely missed.) Expect stereo level sound from the amped up speakers. Apple even added a model in new colour…black. Well, there’s black and blacker black. It’s water resistant, so you can finally do away with those silly covers you use to protect them.

Here are some of the best reactions to Apple’s new baby:

The pathbreaking new colour is making waves already. 

The #AppleEvent was clearly where the party was at last night:

This (truthful) breakdown of the features for those who are not as tech savvy:

The struggle all iPhone 7 users must prepare themselves for:

This mother who is not completely on board with the Airpods:

Now we’re asking the #RealQuestions:

This one who is slightly confused by the hoopla surrounding iPhone 7:

A little bit of nostalgia thrown in for good measure:

The one who has accepted the change and is being pragmatic about it:

But this user is done with people hating on the wireless headphones:

They may have introduced a better camera, but is that what we really wanted? 


Then there are some who are doing their part for the society by giving these super legit life hacks:


This struggle as we all know is very, very real:

There are those who choose to think of the glass as half full in these times:


Despite all the hate and debates, you know this is you: