From acne to dullness, these face masks can tackle all your skincare woes Advertisement

From acne to dullness, these face masks can tackle all your skincare woes

Not all heroes wear capes, some are 'masked'

By Tatiana Dias  April 18th, 2019

There’s nothing a face mask can’t fix, including a bad day. For its multitude of superpowers, it has quickly become one of the most popular skincare products. That, and the fact that there is probably a face mask for every kind of face. However, with a range of choices comes a whole lot of responsibility and, based on your skin concerns, you need to pick wisely. Here are 20 different face masks—sheet, clay and sleeping—to tackle all your skincare woes: 

Pro-tip: Face masks are a great way to deep cleanse your skin and take out an entire week’s worth of dust, grime, and stress in one fell swoop; applying a mask at least once a week helps your skin regain its natural radiance. 

1. Acne or blemishes

Excess sebum production combined with everyday free radicals (a.k.a.pollution) can clog your pores, and this results in blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples. Deep-cleansing face masks are perfect for times like these, since they help balance the production of oil and return your skin to its squeaky clean glory. 

Particularly suited for combination to oily skin

2. Dryness

Skin that gets bone-dry needs extra hydration and nourishment; the solution is cooling face masks that help replenish lost moisture. Look for ingredients like collagen, vitamins, and plant extracts can that naturally moisturise the skin, leaving it plump and supple.

Suited for dry to normal/sensitive skin

3. Ageing

Fine lines and wrinkles bringing you down? Other than keeping your skin hydrated and moisturised, the key is to use face masks containing collagen, antioxidants, AHAs, and hyaluronic acids. These are all ingredients which help tighten the skin, smooth fine lines, and give you an overall youthful radiance.

Suited for all ageing skin types

4. Dullness

While all face masks tackle dullness to a certain extent, some are formulated to give you an instant glow—perfect for use before an evening out on the town.

Suited for all skin types