20 Products That Will Soothe Sunburnt Skin

Have you ever noticed two completely contrasting skin situations on your face or body where one seems to be normal and the other side looks flaming red? Well, that’s a sunburn right there. Excessive exposure to the hot sun can cause intense sunburns. They appear to be red not just as an effect of the burn but also because there is heat trapped in the skin.

To soothe these sunburns is necessary, and the first step in doing so is to allow the skin to cool down by cold compress or icing. Next, take immense care of the affected area to rule out the redness and restore the skin’s originality.

We’ve done some research for you and curated a list of highly effective products that are just the right companion for your sunburn skin.


1. Forest Essentials Hydrating Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera is the ultimate soothing and calming agent when it comes to sunburns. Apply a thick layer of this lightweight hydrating pure aloe vera facial gel from Forest Essentials for a cooling effect. Pro Tip: Let it chill in the freezer for a while before you apply it.


2. The Body Shop Vitamin E Skin Cooling Gel Mist



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Rich in antioxidants, Vitamin E decreases the inflammation caused by sunburns and soothes the skin. This mist has a unique gel formula that is cooling and refreshing on the skin.


3. Soultree Shower Gel


It is best to keep harsh soaps and washes at bay and opt for soothing and gentle body cleansers. Rose in this shower gel calms the skin while Vetiver has a cooling effect.


4. Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Serum



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A concoction of ingredients like celery, carrot root and broccoli extract, this serum infuses a boost of soothing hydration into your skin.


5. Innisfree Cucumber Sheet Mask



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Cucumber eases out the sunburns to a great extent due to its cooling properties. This water-based sheet mask is non-sticky and calming.


6. SUGAR Aquaholic Hydrating Stick


If you’re feeling lazy, this is your best bet. A blend of menthol, witch hazel and aloe, this stick has got everything you need to nourish and hydrate the skin while soothing the sunburns.


7. Body Cafe Calming Face Mist


Rich in vitamin C, this calming face mist can perk up your skin in a few spritzes. It rejuvenates the skin by bringing back all the moisture into the face again.


8. Shiseido Fresh Jelly Lotion


Apply this lotion right after cleansing your face for moisturised and healthy skin. The stellar gel-in-lotion formula is comfortable and balances the skin’s pH, leaving it fresh, calm and hydrated.


9. Fabindia Refreshing & Cooling Gel Face Pack



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A meld of the two most effective ingredients for sunburns – cucumber and aloe, this cooling mask has a soft gel texture that relaxes and hydrates the skin.


10. Avène Thermal Spring Water



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Like a healing potion, this multipurpose mist soothes redness, irritated and inflamed skin. Great for sensitive skin, too, this mist calms and softens the skin.


11. Enn Ice Gel


An instant reliever from the oven-like feel of the sunburn, ENN’s Ice Gel has an abundance of cooling and soothing properties. Formulated with 99% aloe vera, the gel hydrates and subsides inflammation.


12. Clarins After Sun



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A gem from the After Sun collection by Clarins, the soothing balm provides the skin with nourishment by cooling the hot sensations and moisturising the skin. Brownie points for beautifying the tan!


13. Earth Rhythm Phyto Gel


This gel is a good enough treatment for sunburns just by itself. Centella Asiatica and Horsetail Extract are the primary ingredients that soothe and heal burns, redness and calms the skin.


14. Love Organically Ubtan Gulaab Face Pack


Unveil fresh skin with this Ubtan face mask that brightens and nourishes the skin. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties, and aloe and calendula calm the skin.


15. Clinique Moisture Surge



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Aid your skin by boosting its hydration with the cult-favourite moisture surge packed with Hyaluronic acid, aloe water and aloe bio-ferment to soothe and nourish the skin.


16. Calming Mask by Shankara Naturals


Indulge in a quick relaxing therapy session with this calming gel mask enriched with aloe, blue chamomile and cucumber that are excellent soothing agents.


17. Detoxie Day Cream


A best friend for the city girl, this anti-pollution day cream contains SPF 25 with a melange of skin-loving ingredients to protect and soothe the skin.


18. Arata Face Serum-Gel


The restorative formula of this serum gel is lightweight and helps to replenish and soothe the skin with calming ingredients like aloe vera, turmeric, matcha green tea and liquorice extracts.


19. COSRX Green Tea Aqua Soothing Gel Cream


An impressive product in its category, this soothing gel-cream is non-greasy and quick absorbing. The cooling features of the product soothe burns, redness, rashes and generously hydrates the skin.


10. iS Clinical Hydra-Intensive Cooling Masque


Apply this cooling mask on your face, sit back and relax as this product does all the work on your skin. The rejuvenating feel of this cooling mask comes from a luxurious mix of ingredients for healthy skin.


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