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21 cool phone cases for every mood

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By Salva Mubarak  March 24th, 2017

If there’s one constant in this ever-changing world, it’s the fact that there is no force in the universe that can reduce the importance of our cell phones in our lives. Whether it’s to endlessly scroll down our Instagram feed or to actually use it for its intended purpose of talking to other human beings (do people even do that now?), phones are as integral to our lives as thin crust pizza.

As much as you cherish your phone and its rose gold casing, scratches and cracks generally don’t take that love into consideration before making their presence known. But there’s no reason why you can’t protect your phone and make a statement while you’re at it.

21 quirky phone cases to love

Batman vs Superman (what should have happened), Rs 399, Cyankart 


For the days when you can't even. Rs 399, Cyankart

If you're all about that 'pug' life, Rs 399, Covers Cart

If you're a hipster and you know it, Rs 1,100, Daily Objects

If your nails always match your shoes, clap your hands. Carefully though, the paint might not be dry yet. Rs 1,100, Daily Objects 

If this gypsy bear is your spirit animal. Rs 795, Chumbak 

Zombie pop art. Any further arguments are invalid. Rs 650 (approx), Etsy

If you want to jump on the mandala bandwagon. Rs 499, Dress My Phone

You might not be a world-renown concert pianist, but no reason why you can't pretend to be one. Rs 1,000, Daily Objects

Who said you can't be fancy and love junk food at the same time? Rs 599, Mango People

Repeat X 10 everyday. Rs 399, Stylefiesta

The dark side has cooler iPhone cases, for sure. Rs 599, Redwolf

If you're sugar, spice and everything nice. Rs 299, Stylefiesta

Give your inner Cher an outlet. Rs 399, Stylefiesta

Something you wish everyone had a year-round supply to. Rs, 690, Propshop24

Because owning an actual cat is so 2016. Rs 690, Propshop24

If you believe in aliens, why shouldn't your phone do too? Rs 690, Propshop24

When you're equal parts fascinated with death as with the mysteries of soft swirl strawberry ice cream. Rs 690, Propshop24

If you're Gretchen Weiner and you want to make Regina mad. Rs 690, Propshop24

Positive affirmation to get through the week. Rs 690, Propshop24

If you want your phone to deliver the message every Monday morning, before you've had your coffee. Rs 690, PropShop24