23 beauty products under INR 500 that will do wonders for your skin and hair

We all have a favourite beauty product that we can’t recommend enough. Over the years it’s found its way to our top shelf not just for its performance, but also its pocket-friendly price tag. Yes, we’re guilty of enjoying a cheap thrill (who isn’t?), but that doesn’t mean we’re compromising on results.

Since it’s part of our job to scout, test, and retain knowledge of all the best skincare products out there, we set up an extensive search to round up the most hardworking products all under INR 500. Our selection includes newbies that live up to their hype, forgotten classics that should be revisited and the dependables that’ll make you question splurging on luxury products.

Assisted by: Drishti Kapadia, Harshavi jain

Featured image: Getty Images


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