24 pleasures only women understand

Complaining about your boob prison but also getting excited when you find cute bras on sale is one of the many things it means to be a woman. Like finding a tampon hidden in the depths of your bag when your period creeps up on you without warning, a moment good enough to share on your girls’ group even though really, it deserves its own Instagram post. To celebrate this strange sisterhood, we listed down all the strangely satisfying feelings only women really understand.  

Finding a comfortable pair of heels that goes with almost everything in your wardrobe.

Being completely waxed and moisturised.

Taking off your bra after a long day.

giphy 10

Finding underwear that’s both comfortable and sexy.

Finding said underwear on sale, in your size.

When the universe aligns and your bra and panty match.

Nailing your eyeliner with minimum effort. 

Removing an ingrowth seamlessly.

Finding your dream dress and discovering it has pockets.

giphy 11

Doing something different with your hair and having people notice and compliment it. 

The way period boobs look in a low-cut top.

That ‘flat stomach’ feeling after a big poop.

Finding the perrrrfect lipstick shade.


Discovering a candid photo of yourself on a friend’s Instagram that’s surprisingly on point.

Putting an outfit together in your head and having it look exactly like you imagined it.

Being complimented by other women in the ladies’ toilet.

Buying an outfit without trying it on and having it fit perfectly.

giphy 9

Finding a hair clip in your bag you didn’t know was there.

Being able to find a tampon or pad when your period sneaks up on you.

Having your hair wash days line up perfectly with your social appointments.

giphy 7

Getting your period the day after you cried for no reason and the world makes sense again.

Finding track pants that fit well enough to wear out.

Hoarding a piece of clothing so long that it comes back in fashion and you can wear it again.

Having your partner actually give you an orgasm.

Having it happen multiple times.

giphy 12 

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