3 questions with Gauri Sinh

Gauri Sinh (former Bombay Times and DNA After Hrs editor) launched her second book, The Garud Prophecies last month. The story of lovers Sitara and Garud, is set in a fantasy universe where natural resources are dipping and the fight for survival is long and turbulent. The couple’s journey to escape their crumbling village Astara is filled with obstacles that test Sitara’s love for her two sisters and her betrothed. We caught up with the author to find the inspiration behind it:

ELLE: Given that there is so much dystopian literature out there right now, what motivated you to go with the genre?
Gauri Sinh: This story is a contradiction to the genre – it may be about an impending apocalypse and seem dystopian, but it is ultimately sending out a positive message: the importance of faith, hope and love in an uncertain world − in that it is a survival tale.

ELLE: What was the most interesting thing that stood out to you while writing the book?
GS: The characters acquired a life of their own once I started writing. I have read about authors who said this has happened to them but I never fully understood till I experienced it for myself. The words flowed, as if from deep within.

ELLE: What did this process teach you?
GS: To always trust your inner voice. It will never let you down. 

The Garud Prophecies (Leadstart Publishing) is on shelves now.

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