3 Reasons Why ELLE Loves Monkey 47

The alcohol and beverage market in India has expanded multifold. People are going beyond rum, whiskey and vodka and exploring other options too. Gin is one such spirit that has entered the urban cities and sits on the bar shelves of many Indian homes, especially that of well-known international labels. One such brand is Monkey 47. The premium gin promises a flavoursome, refreshing taste that makes you savour every sip. We tried the premium German gin, and here’s why we believe it’s worth a buy. 

#1: It Comes With A Rich Heritage

Monkey 47 is inspired by a secret recipe left behind by Montgomery CollinsWing Commander of the Royal Air Force and son of a British diplomat born in the Madras province, Indiaat his late-adopted home in the Black Forest in the 1950s. Fast forward to 2006, when Alexander Stein learned the existence of this extraordinary gin recipe, he set on a journey to bring it back to life, founded Black Forest Distillers at his German home and named it Monkey 47. 

Alexander Stein

#2: A Complex Luxurious Taste Thanks To The Infusion Of 47 Botanicals 

Monkey 47 is the only gin in the world that has 47 botanicals infused in it, one of the prime flavour-imparting ingredients being lingonberries. Most gins are made with 12 or less, but here there are almost four times the notes. Take one whiff, and you can expect the aroma of spruce, elderflower, blackthorn, angelica and cranberries, to name a few, all layered well without overpowering one another, which is why a lot of people even prefer having it on the rocks. 

#3: Quality Comes First For Every Step 

Imparting its luxurious flavour is also the soft Black Forest spring water, which is rich in minerals and an essential element for this process. The liquid is distilled and matured in earthen vessels for three months before being transferred to the bottles, which are made of brown pharmaceutical glass to prevent the penetration of UV rays to keep the flavours intact. Even the cork is sourced keeping quality in mind. Procured from the Ribatejo region, northeast of the Portuguese capital, the cork is made from a high-grade raw material giving the perfect combination of preservation and oxidation due to the extremely low number of pores in it. 

The rich history, time-consuming process and superior quality ingredients make Monkey 47 one of the most expensive yet loved gins in the world, with a 500 ml bottle priced at approximately INR 5,000. But be rest assured that every sip is worth every penny! 

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