3 reasons you need to catch Rinse Cycle Advertisement

3 reasons you need to catch Rinse Cycle

...why you need to watch this comedy sketch by Kaneez Surka and Anu Menon

By ELLE team  October 27th, 2015

Rinse Cycle is a two-woman sketch show by Kaneez Surka and Anu Menon (Lola Kutty to some) about life as a young woman in India today. The duo use their sarcasm (and timely delivery) to look at the “trials and tribulations of dating, marriage, motherhood and everything in between”. And by everything we mean that time Menon wanted to be an “IPL chick” and failed miserably. Here are three reason why you absolutely need to catch the show: 

It feels like you’re spending quality time with these funny people 

“It’s not particularly feminist, we’re just talking about every stage of being a woman, from prepubescent to a teenager to a grandma. People always think it’s some serious rant about women’s rights, but it’s really not. It’s mostly just things we’ve experienced,” explains Menon.

It’s the perfect marriage between theatre and improv

“We’re different personalities and we come from different backgrounds. Learning lines for Kaneez [who has an improv background] is just traumatic, on a good day,” explains Menon. “And because of Anu’s theatre background, the show’s got some finesse we’ve take the time to make a little neat and tidy, it’s not just any stand-up comedy show you go to,” adds Surka.

It’s got some stuff we haven’t seen before

“If there’s anything to look forward to it’s the rap. It’s a wrap-up rap,” explains Surka. “There’s also the role reversal sketch where mother’s are warning their sons about the bad city women they should be afraid of and women can get away with whatever they want. It’s interesting to see what happens,” adds Menon. Who doesn’t love a girl who can make you laugh, right?

The Rinse Cycle tour begins in Bangalore on October 29 at Humming Tree and then goes to other metros soon after. Details on Insider.in