3 red carpet jewellery trends you'll want to steal for yourself Advertisement

3 red carpet jewellery trends you’ll want to steal for yourself

Chokers are here to stay

By ELLE team  January 23rd, 2018

From the multi-layered diamond necklace Nicole Kidman wore to the 2008 Oscars  — featuring 7,500 diamonds — to Angelina Jolie’s oversized Howard Stern necklace at the 2004 Oscars, what cinematic style icons have worn at big ticket events have a way of kicking off red carpet jewellery trends. Which soon find their way into jewellery boutiques and private showcases around the world. Meeting ELLE India on her India sojourn, Federica Imperiali, Head of New Product Development at Forevermark, predicts the big statements you’re likely to see on the red carpet. 

3 major red carpet jewellery trends to expect

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Choker necklaces

“We really feel the choker, which is already pretty big, will get more and more popular,” says Federica. “Chokers that can be more rigid, but can also be like a multi-layered diamond necklace, as well as unexpected velvet collar with a statement pendant in the centre.”

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Cuff earrings

“For earrings, we see plenty of big cuffs, but nowadays a different style of mismatched earrings is emerging. You might see a solitaire on one side being paired with a big cuff or a chandelier, so there is a beautiful asymmetry achieved,” explains Federica. 

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Stackable jewellery

Allowing the wearer to mix and match to suit their style, stackable jewellery is a reigning trend in fine jewellery, with Forevermark throwing its considerable influence behind the trend. “Stackable bangles, for example, allow for an interesting movement since they’re not fixed together. They also pair very well with the woman’s dress,” Federica adds.