Three ways to get your top knot just right Advertisement

Three ways to get your top knot just right

A knot for everyone

By Tatiana Dias  February 5th, 2019

Have you ever had those days when your hair just refuses to cooperate? From greasy roots to frizzy flya-ways, you’ve encountered them all. If there’s one hairstyle (other than the classic ponytail, of course) that’ll conceal all those bad-hair-day moments, it’s got to be the trusted top knot. Here are three ways in which you can wear this trendy hairstyle:

1. Halve-it

If you don’t want to commit to a top knot all the way, then simply tie it into a half knot. Jazz it up by adding a braid right in centre, just before your pony begins. 

2. Wrap it

Add a cute accessory to your top knot! A wrap around hairband with an adorable bow gives this simple hairstyle a chic spin.

3. Twist it

Who said a top knot needs to be messy and all over the place? Twist the ends of the bun into a neat pattern and pull out a few wisps of hair from the front.