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4 fixes for frizzy hair

Control your frizz in any weather with these easy hacks

By Mamta Mody  July 1st, 2015

You don’t always need an arsenal of hair products and expert blowdrying skills to fix your halo of frizz. Try these hacks for a change:

Change your parting
If you’re plagued with tiny antennas of hair, dousing you mane with serum will only make it look greasy. It’s time you reconsider your hair parting. Either switch to a centre part or wear a deep side part to smooth out the errant bits.

Make your lotion multi-task
Do you leave your house with a sleek ponytail only for it to look like a fluffy rabbit’s tail in a few hours? Moisturiser will come to your rescue. Squeeze some on to your palms, rub them together and then smooth your hair with your hands.

Find an old T-shirt
Roughing up your tresses with a towel is never a good idea ­– it only causes more frizz. Instead, use an old T-shirt to absorb the excess water. Then wait till your hair is 90 per cent dry before you use an ionic blow-dryer to style it.

Try a silk scarf
Cotton pillowcases are notorious for sucking out moisture from your hair and making it unruly. Go old school and wrap your hair in silk scarf before you go to bed and wake up to a disciplined mane. 

Photograph: Ram Shergill