5 Shows To Binge-Watch During Pride Month

While you may miss the extravagant pride parades and social gatherings yet again this year, one thing that you can turn to is binge-watching. Apart from helping you maintain your sanity during the pandemic, these shows provide great lessons on love, laughter, family and more; perfect for pride month. From the cheerful extravagance on RuPaul’s Drag Race or the heartfelt soundtracks and scenes from Pose and Schitt’s Creek, these five shows promise to leave you asking for another season already. Celebrate the month of love and self-expression with cues from this list

1. RuPaul’s Drag Race

Photo courtesy – RuPaul’s Drag Race

‘Gentlemen! Start your engines, and may the best woman win.’ This line is an anthem for most of the LGBTQIA+ community around the globe. The thrill, joy and creativity that this Emmy Award-winning series brings to a cult following all over the world is beyond words. Hosted by RuPaul, the show features America’s drag queens who compete in fashion and performance challenges in the hopes of securing the crown as the next Drag Superstar. The show took off in 2009 and is currently on season 13. There is an exciting panel of judges with RuPaul, Michelle Visage, and Carson Kressley or Ross Matthews alternating as the third judge. A host of other celebrity guests critique the contestants’ progress throughout the competition.

2. Schitt’s Creek

Photo courtesy – Schitt’s Creek

This Canadian television sitcom created by the father-son duo Eugene and Dan Levy showcases how a family once bestowed with riches must adjust to a simple life. It navigates between the lives of the four main protagonists: Johnny Rose (Eugene), Moira (Catherine O’Hara), David (Dan) and Alexis (Anne Frances Murphy). What I love about the sitcom is the respectful portrayal of the LGBTQIA+ characters. David and Patrick’s (Noah Reid) romance will leave you craving for the very same love. The series also briefly and beautifully touches on the role of the family in accepting queer relationships. From the way Moira, Johnny and Alexis unquestioningly accept David’s sexuality to the way their bond depends as a family, you’ll love it all. Every character grows on you as the seasons’ progress, and trust me, you’ll soon wish you were part of the Rose family. Go watch and fall in love.

3. Pose

Photo courtesy – Pose FX/The Avocado

Pose, created by Ryan Murphy, provides a mainstream platform for transgender people of colour. The series boasts of a stellar cast, including Dominique Jackson as Electra Abundance, Mj Rodriguez as Blanca Evangelista, Billy Porter as Pray Tell and Indya Moore as Angel Evangelista. The focus is on highlighting the strained relations between transgender and queer kids and their parents and society. Through parallel portrayals of the lives of the four main characters, the show talks about love, loneliness, ambition, activism, self-expression and resilience. From Electra’s extravagant persona to Angel’s journey of navigating the world of fashion, and finding the love of her life, Papi, the legacy of Pose lives on.

4. The Bold Type

Photo courtesy – The Bold Type/Amazon

Inspired by the life and career of former editor-in-chief of a lifestyle magazine, Joanna Coles, who also happens to be the executive producer of this series, The Bold Type is a must-watch! The series navigates the lives of three millennial women, portrayed by Katie Stevens, Aisha Dee, and Meghann Fahy, all of whom are employed at a fictional magazine, Scarlet. The series smoothly blends serious and controversial topics into the narrative. It tackles everything from childhood trauma to miscarriage, Cancer, troubled relationships, conversion therapy, LGBTQ communities, politics and sex clubs. What I love about this show is the portrayal of what’s right and the characters’ dedication to chasing their dreams irrespective of the consequences. It’s refreshing to see a mainstream character who has not figured out her sexuality by the time she’s in her twenties. The Bold Type‘s messaging is that everyone is allowed to take their own time, to discover themselves, at their own pace, and we are here for it!

5. Made In Heaven 

Photo courtesy – Amazon Prime

Today, thankfully, the representation of sex on Indian OTT platforms is no longer represented by two rosebuds repeatedly colliding till the screen fades out. It is direct, raw and very realistic. High time, isn’t it?! Made In Heaven is one such story that makes a mark not only for its engaging storyline but also for its relatable characters.  The series chronicles the lives of Tara and Karan, two wedding planners in Delhi running an agency named Made in Heaven. What you can expect and relate to is an apt showcase of what a queer man in this country goes through emotionally. Karan’s character lives through the series as a man struggling with his urge to live freely. While the show is in no way perfect, the attempt to explore the struggles of a gay man with honesty is appreciated.

Lead Image: Schitt’s Creek | Thumbnail Image: Getty Images

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