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4 ways to fake ‘I woke up like this’ skin

Get that 'no make-up make-up' look.

By Daniela Morosini  August 27th, 2018

The movies lied to us about a lot of things. That we would have a devastatingly handsome best friend who would conveniently fall in love with us, right when we need them. That being soaked in the rain could make us look cool and insouciant, rather than frazzled and soggy on our commute. But more than anything, movies told us that we would wake up looking utterly polished (save from the errant yet adorable bit of bedhead) and that’s what we should expect.

In reality, it’s rarely so straightforward. Nailing that ‘just-woke-up’ effect is easier said than done. That’s where these handy expert tips come in. Read on for our top four ways to fake that ‘no make-up make-up’ look.


We all know massage can work wonders on stiff shoulders and achey joints, but did you know it works a treat on your face too? No, we’re not suggesting you go all Shiatsu on your poor skin. It’s more a gentle but firm massage that can encourage blood flow to the area, meaning your skin gets a healthy flush and temporary tone-up.

Use tapping motions with two fingers around your orbital bone and cheekbones, and gently work fingertips or knuckles under your cheekbones and down around your jaw to stimulate your lymphatic drainage system. This helps give a naturally sculpted effect – aka, no need to go all Kim K with the contouring.

facial spa mask


Do you want to know a beauty editor secret? Those in the know rarely slap on one thick cream and leave it at that. Skincare acolytes know it’s all about layering. Swap your regular moisturizer for a few lightweight serums and take the time to layer them over your skin, letting one fully absorb before applying the next.

It’ll help with the facial massage, but also add a soft, healthy sheen to the skin. Unlike super-thick lotions which can tend to ‘sit’ on the skin, serums are absorbed quickly and help plump up the skin to get it looking juicy.


There’s nothing cooler than looking like you do nothing but dust on some concealer and skip off to yoga every morning. That’s when the new Clarins Skin Illusion Foundation becomes your secret weapon. Illusion by name, illusion by nature, the featherweight formula adds coverage where needed whilst still allowing for a natural finish.

The addition of nourishing oils makes it conditioning and kind to the skin, while the super fine texture (it’s as light as water) lends a healthy glow to the skin. Start with a small amount and buff into the centre of your face, around your nose, and work into the skin. You might be surprised by how little you need – the skimpy texture is still incredibly effective at concealing imperfections. Never cakey, never dry, always radiant. Sign us up.

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If it’s puffiness that’s letting the side down every AM, never fear. We’ve got a hack for that. You know what puffiness hates? The cold. Keep a jade roller, facial mist or even a couple of spoons in the fridge. When you wake up, gentle roll (the jade roller), spritz (the mist) or press gently around your eyes (the spoons) and watch as any residual puffiness disappears. It’ll make you look more awake, and probably convince you to go a little easier on the blusher.

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