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4-yr-old J.Crew’s latest designer

While your favourite pre-schooler is probably slacking off

By Deepa Menon  December 15th, 2014

Most kids her age are content to eat the glue. But Mayhem, the crafty pre-schooler and Instagram sensation (@2sisters_angie) famous for fashioning dresses out of paper, will be designing a capsule collection for J.Crew’s kid’s line, crewcuts. Her mother Angie, the ‘assistant paper dressmaker’, works alongside — and handles the scissors, presumably — to recreate outfits from the red carpet, runway and, of course, Disney movies. Their paper gown tribute to Oscar de la Renta especially is stunning and it’s all modelled by Mayhem, who has 444K followers on Insta. The social media clout is what got her noticed at J.Crew and her line, out for summer 2015, promises to be colourful and sparkly, besides scoring high on twirlability.