5 African fashion brands to love right now

Dubai-based Georgia Bobley and Dar es Salaam-based Nisha Kanabar founded Industrie Africa in June. The digital fashion showroom aims to empower and promote local African labels. They give us their breakdown of the African brands to love right now. 

Designer Akosua Afriyie-Kumi’s has beautiful sustainable bags that are handcrafted using traditional weaving techniques from village. Designer Ami Doshi Shah’s creations feature the use of materials like dried wood, agate and leather, as well as local stones and gems. While Rich Mnisi a gender ambiguous brand is seeking to portray modern Africa. 

“Our list of 82 designers from 23 countries has been curated over a year of first-hand research” — Nisha Kanabar and Georgia Bobley

Here are 5 African brands to adore  

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Photograph: Abbi Kemp Photography (Nisha Kanabar and Georgia Bobley)

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