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5 anti-ageing beauty products that make you look younger

Take off years with these fast, easy tricks

By ELLE team  June 20th, 2018

Although ageing is inevitable, using make-up and anti-ageing beauty products are simple ways to disguise the process. In saying that, your beauty routine could actually make you look older than you really are. That’s why it’s important to take note of changes in your skin and introduce new products to target specific concerns.

From your hair, skin to even eyebrows, we have just the list of beauty products for you. So, if you’re searching for a way to look younger than your age, follow these five steps to achieve a glowing appearance.

1. Enhance shine with a treatment masque

Shiny, lustrous strands are a mark of youth, but age and day-to-day damage from heat styling and product use can strip hair of its natural sheen. Revive lacklustre strands with a treatment masque, just a few minutes will transform hair to look brighter, shiner and younger. 

Ouai Haircare Treatment Masque, Rs 2,198, at lookfantastic.co.in

2. Opt for cream formulations

Powders, whether they are a base, bronzer, blush or eye shadow, sit on top of skin, so naturally will sink into any fine lines, enhancing their appearance. To avoid this, consider switching to a cream formula, which seamlessly blends into skin for a dewier, more naturally-looking finish. 

RMS Beauty Lip2cheek in Demure, Rs 3,266, at Net-A-Porter.

3. Curl your lashes

There's a reason this is one of the most often recommended tips from professional make-up artists — it's easy and it works. Lashes that curl upwards will create the illusion of wider, brighter eyes which has an immediate youthful effect. Follow wish a coat of lengthening or volumising mascara to finish. 

Tweezerman Procurl Curler, Rs 3,399, at ninthavenue.com

4. Fill in brows

The top of your head isn't the only place that experiences thinning with age — your brows can become sparse as well. Fill them in with a fibre formula. It will deposit tiny hair-like fibres, which will stick to brows and instantly fake fullness. 

Benefit Gimme Brow, Rs 4,450, ninthavenue.com

5. Use an exfoliating mask

Dry, dull skin lacks youthful luminosity, but a quick exfoliating mask will break up dead surface skin cells and reveal a fresh, glowy complexion. If you're a bit sensitive, opt for a super-gentle formula, while normal-skin types will get the best results with a formula containing a light acid. 

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