5 apps that will (literally) change your life Advertisement

5 apps that will (literally) change your life

...by helping you build new (good) habits and breaking bad ones

By Arshie Chevalwala  October 30th, 2015

Self-improvement is a noble goal, and if it’s something you’re after, don’t be afraid to ask for a little help. These apps will help you be a better version of yourself, from making sure you eat right to helping you learn that new language you always wanted to. 

1. MyFitnessPal


Perfect to help you get back in shape, MyFitnessPal evaluates your health and lets you assign a fitness goal for yourself (from wanting to lose 200gms to 1kg a week). Track your calories (by choosing from their directory of foods ranging from homemade egg sandwiches to Starbucks’ Frappuccinos) and water intake and exercise per day. And when you’ve forgotten, it will send you a reminder and project your gains on a weekly graph.

2. Coach.me


When you need some crowd sourced encouragement, turn to Cocah.me. For almost every habit, there’s an expert-led group that can help you with achievable goals and constant encouragement. Instead of “Quit smoking tomorrow” they’ll suggest “Smoke only one cigarette for 21 days”. Plus, the app only asks for a seven-day commitment because if you can stick with the plan for a week, then you’re on the right road.

3. Duolingo


If you’ve always wanted to learn a new language but are just lacking the commitment it requires, give Duolingo a try. The app offers tutorials on every language imaginable (including Esperanto, a consciously constructed easy-to-learn politically conscious language); all you have to do is decide how much time you will spend learning each day and actually do it to maintain the green streak. 

4. Way Of Life

way of life

The data-driven app is designed to make behaviour-tracking quick and convenient. Type in the behavior you want to start or stop, then check the yes or no box on a daily basis. If you forget to check-in, the app sends a push notification to keep you on track. Once you’ve logged enough data, it creates a bar graph showing your progress in days or a percentage. 

5. Carrot


Applying the carrot and stick philosophy, the app works for people who function better with some negative reinforcement. The app hurls insults at you every time you miss a day (of your chosen habit/activity) and rewards you with points (and virtual kittens) for every time you meet your goals.