5 beauty apps you need for better selfies Advertisement

5 beauty apps you need for better selfies

Including Kim Kardashian’s go-to app

By ELLE team  November 16th, 2017

In the millennial world, selfies reign supreme. We’ve snapped them on a beach vacation, a solo trip to the Himalayan valleys and a walk through a crowded street, because you know, if you didn’t really take a picture, did it really happen? But on days where your concealer has run out or your skin is acting up, you can count on this slew of picture-perfecting apps that help you do everything from trying new make-up to fixing bad lighting. Make space for them on your smartphone for a quick touch-up, or you can simply stand proud with #nofilter.

1. Retrica
When Lo-Fi and Valencia won’t cut it, try this app that houses over 100 filters to help you get the perfect snap. You can even create GIFs and choose from animated video filters (with dancing unicorns, thrown in).  And you thought Snapchat and Instagram had the filter market on lockdown…

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2. Perfect 365
If the 12 megapixel camera on your brand new iPhone X is amplifying one too many flaws, give this one a try. It transforms your skin from super oily with open pores to shiny, velvety perfection by smoothening out harsh lines and excessive sharpness. Kim Kardashian counts on it for her sexy selfies, why shouldn’t you?

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3. Beauty Plus
When you want to experiment with a new shade of lipstick or see what a fearless contour can do for your face, make this app your aid. With the help of face-mapping, it can add on a pair of power lashes or change the pigment on your lipstick to take the guesswork out of your next beauty buy. 

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4. Airbrush
Lazy girls, this is your find. This app does exactly what your natural coverage foundation can do, minus the effort of blending. It improves your skin’s texture and reduces unwanted sharpness for a clearer picture. 

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5. YouCam
So your highlight looks great in last night’s picture, but you can’t upload it because your BFF’s face didn’t really catch the light. Seems fair, but don’t move that selfie to trash just yet — hit download on this app that allows you to individually edit multi-face pictures and brighten them up with a single touch. Now, everyone can look perfect.

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