5 Celebrity-Approved Trends That Are Major Right Now

With the world opening up remotely and fashion events taking place in its various capitals, models, influencers and actors are being spotted in their stylish best. After a year and a half of no travel, this season is all about dressing up and making a statement, which is evident in all the trends that have been coined. Tie-up cutout dresses, funky pants, corset tops, peek-a-boo silhouettes and Y2K accessories – it all screams go big or go home.

Fashion in its current state is all about freedom and fun. People across the globe are regaining control of their lives, which is evident in their sartorial choices. As style-heavy looks are blessing our feeds again, here’s our pick of the five trends that we’re loving right now.

1. Strapped Waist Dresses 


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This midriff enhancing trend is proving to be a hot favourite at the moment. The string wrap-around detail on the waist accentuates your torso and gives a simple solid coloured dress some edge. You can also wear the top version of the same trend with a pair of shorts or jeans.

2. Fancy Printed Pants  


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Benching the denim jeans for these bold printed trousers, supermodels like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid are taking this bottom trend out for a spin. If you’ve been bored of just dressing up above the torso all this while, make up for it with these funky pairs of pants.

3. Risqué Cutouts 


Happy to report, the cutouts have moved from your abs to your pelvic and hip bones are now the new MVP. Bella Hadid sported a basic lace tank top and styled it with a cutout detailed straight-fit trousers on the streets of Paris, giving this trend an official green light.

4. Bandeau Corsets 


While the jury is still out on the low-rise jeans, Victorian ear inspired bandeau corsets have swiftly made their way into mainstream street style. The fitted silhouette can be worn with denim jeans, a tennis skirt or even your plain and simple joggers.

5. Halter-style Bandage 


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Summer’s most controversial trend – the criss-cross maximum skin exposing silhouette is everywhere. Although many have been wearing it as a back-to the-club uniform, Hailey Bieber wore it to meet French President Emmanuel Macron and gave it a sophisticated upgrade.

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