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5 fun DIY projects to try at home this week

They're simpler than assembling IKEA furniture

By Sonali Shah  March 20th, 2020

Got an extra hour each day thanks to a work-from-home situation? Try your hand at these DIY projects, ranging from simple to complex. Besides cherishing the feeling of creating something with your own hands, rack up bonus karma points with the water-feeder. Attract birds to your balcony or make mood-lighting for your evenings, here are five fun DIY projects which are simpler than assembling IKEA furniture.

Water feeder

Re-purpose old plastic bottles to make a water feeder for birds. Temperatures are beginning to soar and water sources for birds will be scarce. Let the chirping symphony in your balcony be a wonderful bonus.
Complexity: Low
Safety: Can involve children

Cement planters

Get your hands dirty (or wear gloves) as you mould and shape a planter using wet white cement. Use your imagination and creativity to paint and decorate the planter once it’s set. Use colours, stick glitter, go crazy.
Complexity: Moderate
Safety: Children will need assistance

Pet food dispenser

Perfect for lazy pet parents, this pet food dispenser is a push-button feeder, which promises to be used by the furry ones independently. Requires a fair bit of measuring and glueing of cardboard, this one’s a good idea for a long evening.
Complexity: Moderate
Safety: Can involve children

Hanging yarn lamps

Use balloons to guide you into making yarn lights which are popular on decor Pinterest boards. Wrap yarn around the balloon, gently ease the balloon out, insert a hanging bulb in it, and voila! The lamps are ready. Use stick-on LED strips to avoid using bulbs or if children are participating.
Complexity: Moderate to high
Safety: Involves basic electrical equipments

Pair of shorts

If you’re always complaining about how you can never find a pair of shorts that fit perfectly, here’s your chance to remedy that. This is a short, fuss-free tutorial on stitching a basic pair of shorts. Feel free to add tassels, buttons or monogram them to make them truly bespoke.
Complexity: High
Safety: Involves stitching