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5 fashion subculture inspired trends to follow this year

Punk up your wardrobe

By Sruthi Ravinder  July 17th, 2018

Fashion has always been a way of expression. These subcultures were formed as breakaways from rigid societies and communal norms. Groups that identified themeselves and adapted everything that was not “mainstream”.  While there were tea parties and elegant suits, they stood apart by wearing ripped jeans and printed Tees. While women were asked to dress like ladies the hippies and punks begged to differ. These sense of identification soon became a strong fashion statement.

Ripped jeans, chokers, Fishnet stockings, black nail polish, tie-dyes, frilled skirts, biker’s jackets; they were all a part of a subculture.

You can thank these subcultures to have given that current wardrobe their cachet!

Berets from beatniks

Berets might be this season's revolutionary accessory. But the cap has always been an integral part of beatniks style. The Beat movement that saw a boom in expression through poetry, novels, music, artwork also embraced fashion. The style is fab to say the least. With simple clean stripes, turtle necks, Slim Bottoms, the look is not complete without a beret.

This season berets are back again with Dior, Gucci, Marc Jacobs releasing varieties of it, from the '90S influenced to leather. You can even see celebrities like Rihanna, Gigi Hadid  adorn it. 


Distressed denim from Punk

Distressed denim are forever a style statement and we have the punks to thank. With a dictum of 'rip it to shreds' it is no surprise that these frayed jeans find their origins in punk subculture. The distressed pants have alone gone through a serious evolution and today we have so many versions of them. From the layered version Gigi Hadid wore, Double Shredded, loose fit, high raise, low waist, we love them all. 



Tulle from Lolita

Lolita fashion is all things frilly. Lace, ribbons, bows and now on drift tulle. This Japaneses subculture inspired by historical Victorian dolls introduced tulle to fashion. The weightless fabric is elegant, pretty and a trend. What more reason to shop for a tulle right now


Straw bags from hippies

Straw bags isn't just for hippies anymore. These peace loving rebels have for long been an inspiration for the fashion world. Everything about theses straw bags - Bright colours, patterns and feel - have long been associated with the summer of love look of American hippies. 


Plaids from Grunge

To most it might bring a picture of the movie Clueless. Well, the plaid is not exactly Cher Horowitz's inspired but a grunge fashion staple. It is the unofficial symbol of the grunge fashion and now it's back. This season plaid skirts are taking over the runway. From Versace to Michael Kors, are having major throwbacks to plaids. So if you have a plaid skirt hidden away in your closet, now might be the right time to wear it.