5 Fresh Spring/Summer Jewellery Trends Of 2021 That You Need To Bookmark

As we are back to our above-torso dressing schedule, spring/summer jewellery trends are perfect for the WFH life. The recently concluded fashion weeks had designers showcase an artistic vision through their accessories/jewellery on the runway. Ditching the dainties, the baubles of the moment are all about bright colour, texture, pattern, creative material, and abstract shapes.

Versace brought back the neon beads, and Schiaparelli doubled down on the gold attack with oversized statement jewellery. Purse necklaces are gaining momentum, and link chains are here to stay. With pearl making a comeback and ocean-inspired jewels on the upswing, there’s a serious need to decode this conspira(sea), sorry not sorry!

Here’s our edit of the top five jewellery trends that you can incorporate into your spring/summer wardrobe.

1 Chunky Chain 

Jewellery trends

Linked chains have slowly become an integral part of the street-style uniform. Often teamed with a low-cut tank top and baggy jeans, this particular trend is heavily influenced by the hip-hop music culture. Recently, the linked chain was given an upgrade on the runway by presenting oversized chunky chains on solid coloured separates. It strikes the perfect chord between going OTT and under-dressing as its statement-making yet sophisticated.

2. Bead And Neon 

Jewellery trends

Although gold, silver and metallic continued to thrive on the catwalk, neon managed to make an appearance and steal the show. Versace brought back the popping highlighter hues in thin chokers and tiny earrings to add that hint of vibrancy in its otherwise bejewelled collection. If you’re not a fan of large and heavy trinkets, go for a touch of neon in your jewellery and pair it up with solid darks and neutrals.

3 Bag Necklace 

Jewellery trends

What happens when you combine two female favourite accessories? You develop a new cool by-product that’s an arm candy but worn around the neck. Not so big on functionality, this trend is for the fashion risk-takers who like to dress to make an appearance. What better way to grab the eyeballs than by wearing a tiny coin purse as a necklace?! It’s for the cool kids on the block, who like defying the fashion norms and switching things up every once in a while.

4. Abstract Art 

Jewellery trends

Using jewellery as an art form for his recent fall/winter 2021 presentation,  Schiaparelli went all out with amplified body jewellery. Breastplates, metallic corsets, long chains with exaggerated pendants, headpieces and ear-shaped ear cuffs were some of the dramatic pieces showcased by him. Even other designers Chanel, Valentino and Ulla Johnson and Victoria Beckham followed a similar memo of going all out with the accessories in terms of size and usage of unique material.

5. Shoulder Danglers 

There are shoulder dusters, and then there are Dolce & Gabbana floral-doubling-up-as-necklace shoulder dusters. Known for their flower-power, D&G exhibited the same energy into their jewellery collection this time around. Nothing speaks spring better than a feminine-chic floral earring, but this time with an elongated twist. Definitely not meant for the cautiously fashionable, this one is for those who wear their hearts on the sleeves and flowers on their ears (not their heads).

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