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5 goals every millennial needs to achieve before turning 30

Bucket list ideas

By American Express  September 7th, 2018

What if we told you it was possible to have your cake and eat it too? That you didn’t have to struggle to balance the demands of a career with your personal bucket list. In a survey conducted by American Express, millennials agreed that they were spending more time at work, because technology has now made it possible to have an enriched personal life while pursuing a career, instead of having to choose one over the other.

We’ve zeroed in on 5 ambitious goals every millennial should achieve before turning 30. In fact, as a millennial woman, the odds are stacked in your favour. Manoj Adlakha, CEO — American Express India, tells us, “In our recently conducted global survey, women in India reported being more successful in integrating technology into their life as compared to men (56% women vs 42% men). They also felt happier now than five years ago, and believe that they are living more “connected” lives.”

1. Start a business from your own home

Whether you’re a passionate vegan baker or an amateur photographer with dreams of being the next Prabuddha DasGupta, kicking off an entrepreneurial venture doesn’t have to be a blind jump into the abyss. In fact, thanks to the ease of doing business afforded to you by American Express, you can literally nurture your passion project from the comfort of your living room. All while you continue with your day job… until you make your first million, of course. Remember the saying, if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.

 2. Embark on a solo adventure to an exotic country

Whether it’s rock-climbing in Costa Rica or kayaking down the Yangzte, challenge conventions — and your own self-imposed limitations – by taking the road less travelled. Sign up for American Express Platinum Card and enjoy a host of benefits in the best hotels and resorts across the world. The best part is that you don’t need to save up a year’s salary to have the adventure of a lifetime. Escape from the hassle of currency exchange or carrying around large amounts of cash with your American Express card. You’ll never want to travel without it.


 3. Treat your parents to a memorable holiday

We owe everything to our parents, but with our busy lives, we rarely find ourselves able to spend quality time with them beyond, well, FaceTime. Treating your parents doesn’t have to mean showering them with expensive gifts — often, it’s the simplest gestures that count. American Express’ survey tell us that parents are less likely than non-parents to say that traveling is on their bucket list. Little wonder, since they never have the time — with all the responsibilities of raising their kids. Well, now that you are a (hopefully) responsible adult, plan a weekend getaway with the family or surprise them with a four-course meal that you’ve whipped up from scratch. Trust us, they’ll be boasting about you to all their friends for years.

 4. Make your first big purchase

You’ve been adulting for over a decade now, and there are few things more fulfilling than having your name on something that you’ve worked hard to earn. Whether it’s your first car, flexi-paying your way to your own studio apartment, or just your own credit card — allow American Express to help you live the life you deserve.


5. Do something that scares you

By this, we don’t mean watching a horror movie in a theatre alone. Push yourself out of your comfort zone, because that’s the only way you’ll discover your full potential. So whether that means quitting your cushy corporate job to write a book or going bungee-jumping with your best friend, make this the year that you conquer your fears. When opportunities are ripe for the picking — with the powerful backing of American Express — there’s no reason to take the boring route.

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