5 hacks to nail the picture perfect smile

The trick to racking up the likes on Instagram lies in nailing the perfect selfie, which in turn depends on how naturally you flash your dazzling white smile. If camera consciousness has got you looking surly in front of the lens, fear not. Help is at hand; we’ve rounded up five hacks that’ll help you get your mojo back.

The devil is in the details, or in this case, in the minor changes in your posture.The camera making you look like you’ve got a double chin? Stand straight and align your chin vertically with your shoulders. Or simply drop your chin and tilt your head towards the side to add an immediate allure to your smile.

Sonam 1

While some lipsticks make your teeth look whiter, ones that don’t go with your skin tone do the exact opposite. Avoid the goth blacks and instead add shades like red, rose, plum, berry and wine to your vanity kit.

Sonam 2

Saying cheese doesn’t do the trick anymore. Rather, Internet gurus recommend saying a word that ends in “uh” just before hitting the shutter. The pronunciation will help your lips curve into a natural, radiant smile that won’t look forced or practiced.

Sonam 3

The correct angle can make or break your smile. While the common notion is to hold the camera at an angle above the head, try keeping the lens level with your face instead to avoid making your features look distorted. Bare just the upper teeth. (rather than both rows) and voilà! Say hello to the perfect selfie.

Sonam 4

Touch your tongue to the roof of your mouth to make the facial muscles look tighter. Consider not flashing your teeth for a smile that’s confident, poised and sexy as all hell.

Sonam 5

Haven’t cracked it yet? Fret not, for Sonam Kapoor is here to help. The Shine Song by Colgate Visible White has the actress flashing her dazzling white smile for the camera, and you can steal her runway-ready smile too. Watch her stunning music video with Arjun Kanungo below and take cue from Sonam on how to shine like the diamond you are!


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