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5 hair myths we all grew up believing

Has our entire childhood been a lie?

By Hasina Khatib  June 22nd, 2016

We hate to break it to you, but these hair care routines that we all accepted as gospel may have been more fiction than actual fact:

Trimming helps hair grow faster

Reality Check: Hair growth happens at the scalp, not the ends. Trimming does away with the dead edges and gives hair the appearance of being fuller. Your hair growth meanwhile continues at the pace it always has. (Here are a few expert recommended tips to speed it up though).

Regular shampooing hastens hairfall

Reality Check: The most visible outlet of fallen hair is the shower drain with shampoo becoming the scapegoat. However, hair fall happens through the day and regular shampooing actually prevents oil build-up that could lead to hair fall.

Brushing your hair 100 times a day makes it healthier

Reality Check: Excessive, rigorous brushing damages your hair cuticles and leads to frizz. Long as you brush your hair enough times during the day to even out distribution of natural oil, you are golden. 

People with oily hair shouldn’t use conditioner

Reality Check: As a rule of thumb, remember that a cleansing shampoo is a must, but conditioner also needs to make an appearance in your haircare routine. (Check out these DIY hair masks to inject health back into your tresses). Condition only the ends and skip the scalp for peace of mind, if you must.

Gray hair is a sign of extreme stress

Reality Check: We personally follow the motto: Gray hair, don’t care. (As proved by these five gorgeous ladies who rocked the silver lining). Factually speaking, gray hair is caused by dearth of the pigment melanin that produces colour. In the absence of melanin, hair looks discoloured. Genetics, rather than stress levels, need to take the fall for this one.