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5 reasons to still love Milind Soman

He’s 50 years old, just completed a punishing athletic race and this is what he looks like training

Just a gentle reminder to all ’90s kids that Milind Soman, the hottest man ever to arrive by courier in an Alisha Chinai video, will turn 50 this year. Don’t worry if that makes you feel old because he still looks like this:

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Here are 5 other reasons to love the man.

The Ironman is a birthday gift. For himself.

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Soman recently trained for and won the Ironman title, which you can only do if you swim 3.8 km, cycle 180 km and then run 42.2 km in under 16 hours without a break. The triathlon is considered one of the toughest physical challenges in the world and the first Ironman from India was a woman, Anu Vaidyanathan. Soman is one of five Indians to win the title this year, after a qualifying race in Zurich.

He supports good causes

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He makes most other six-pack abs look like they’re trying too hard

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He runs barefoot, which is stupidly hot

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He’s an all-terrain kind of guy

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He’s got that salt and pepper thing going on. *Gulp*

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Even after all these years, this guy is still a babe magnet

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Photographs: Milind Soman’s Facebook page.