Ayushmann Khurrana and Tahira Kashyap’s love story is truly heart-warming

No couple is perfect, but Ayushmann Khurrana and Tahira Kashyap are pretty much there. The VJ-turned actor got married to his high school love and they now have two adorable children (always making a star appearance on both their social media handles). Through thick and some very harsh thins, the couple has stayed together, solidifying our belief in true love. Here are all the reasons why Ayushmann and Tahira are one of our favourite Bollywood couples.

1. They’ve been together for over a decade. 

In true cinematic fashion, the couple first met when they started taking the same tuition class in 12th grade back in Chandigarh. In a column, Tahira wrote, “Our story goes back 12 years. I don’t want to sound vintage but dating back in those days in Chandigarh was a different experience or perhaps we were both just extremely slow and shy. It was a batch of around 60 students and when I first met Ayushmann I thought his name was Abhishek.” After a chance meeting at a dinner party, they started dating. “From extreme summers and winters to moderate and tolerant spring and autumn, several seasons were filled with fun and passion,” she wrote.

Ayushmann Tahira

2. They’re supportive of each other’s careers

Both Tahira and Ayushmann have been vocal about their support of each other’s careers. Tahira moved bases, from Chandigarh to Mumbai, to be with her husband. She made her directorial debut with a short film, that was produced by Ayushmann. On her work, he said, “In early 2000, we had a theatre group for which Tahira used to write scripts and also helm plays. I was always confident of her as a thinker, writer and a director. I’m happy that she’s finally done it now.”  In an interview, Ayushmann revealed how Tahira isn’t uncomfortable with any intimate scenes in his movies, “She wanted of course that I should not kiss on screen. You see, we were like the first boyfriend and girlfriend of each other. But Tahira is also an artiste. She has grown tremendously. I was very immature when I married. Plus, we had a long-distance marriage for the longest time. I am glad that things are good now”

Ayushmann Tahira kids

Ayushmann Khurrana Tahira Kashyap

3. They’ve been real about their struggles as a couple

Every relationship has its own ups and downs. Before Ayushmann’s big debut with Vicky Donor, he was living in Mumbai while Tahira was in Chandigarh. The long distance started wearing the relationship down, but, despite the rocky road, they made it. In an interview with Filmfare, Ayushmann also alluded to the fact that after he started getting popular in Bollywood, things became rocky for him and his wife. But Tahira’s constant support made him realise what was important and they weathered that phase too.

Ayushmann Tahira DeepVeer

4. They’re with each other through thick and thin

 Ayushmann has always maintained that his strongest pillar of strength has been his wife. “It is one of my achievements that I am married to her. It is difficult to find a girl like her. She has been with me through thick and thin. She was a pillar of support during my struggling days. She is more mature than I am. I am still childish. I value her advice,” he had said in an interview. Last year, Tahira was diagnosed with breast cancer. In an Instagram post, she revealed her diagnosis and how she has been dealing with it. Here, she credited her husband and her family for providing her with unwavering strength and positivity.

Tahira diagnosis

She has also been an advocate for cancer awareness. She wrote about her journey battling cancer on World Cancer Day, to which Ayushmann commented “You’re a trailblazer” with a heart emoji.  

View this post on Instagram

Today is my day! Wish you all a happy #worldcancerday and hope each one of us celebrates this day in an embracing way. That we remove any stigma or taboo associated with it. That we spread awareness about it and that we have self love no matter what. I truly embrace all my scars as they are my badges of honour. There is nothing known as perfect. Happiness lies in truly accepting yourself. This was a tough one for me. But this picture was my decision as I want to celebrate not the disease but the spirit with which I endured. To quote my mentor, Diasaku Ikeda, “Leading an undefeated life is eternal victory. Not being defeated, never giving up, is actually a greater victory than winning, not being defeated means having the courage to rise to the challenge. However many times we’re knocked down, the important thing is we keep getting up and taking one step-even a half step- forward” #worldcancerday #breastcancerawareness #breastcancerwarrior #turningkarmaintomission #boddhisatva Thanks @atulkasbekar for this one

A post shared by tahirakashyapkhurrana (@tahirakashyap) on Feb 3, 2019 at 11:32pm PST


5. They don’t shy from PDA 

If your relationship isn’t all over Instagram making people jealous and often cry into their Pringle cans (No? Just me?), then is it even a relationship? Ayushmann and Tahira are always up for some good old social media PDA. Whether it’s supporting each other’s projects, or just casually sharing their gorgeous-looking pictures with their 5 million odd followers, the couple never shies away from showcasing their love. More recently, Tahira shared a picture of her shaven head, claiming that she was tried of wearing hair extensions after losing her hair because of all the chemotherapy she had to go through. Ayushmann reposted that picture on his profile, adding that she has always been an inspiration to him.

Tahira Instagram

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